RiMELITE XB Prime 1200 Watt with XB Receiver


To put totally different items on the market, we have to change the old form of production into new one.

Designers and engineers from Hyundae Photonics work together all the time at every step.

With this partnership, XB PRIME, which is designed for consumers, has brought new innovation to the various function of STROBE.

For digital continuous photograph in studios, XB PRIME improved the speed of recharging time at the maximum resource of light.

XB PRIME shortens the speed of recharging time by more than 50%. (In case of full resource of light: 0.8 seconds) The speed of recharging time to for almost all Strobes is hardly achievable under 0.2seconds, but RiMELITE has successfully made a drastic improvement.